Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please Help Penelope!

Crippled by a broken leg that was set incorrectly, 12-week-old Penelope was recently abandoned by her owner. She is now under the care of volunteers at Bobbie & the Strays in Glendale, who are trying to raise $3,500 for surgery needed to fix her limb.

A woman was playing with her English Bulldog in a local park recently when she was approached by Penelope’s owner, who asked if the dogs could play. She then asked the woman if she would watch Penelope for a minute, and never returned for the mutt.

Bobbie & the Strays, based in the Shops at Atlas Park mall, have already collected hundreds of dollars from shoppers, according to Phyllis Taiano. It appears that her leg was broken and then reset incorrectly, leaving her only able to use three legs. As a result, she has to hold up the bad leg while she runs and gets tired quickly.

A specialist is needed to operate on Penelope’s leg, which needs a plate and screws in order to gain full range of motion. The rescue group can’t afford to pay for the operation, but they are hoping shoppers and the public take pity and donate a few dollars. Penelope will then be available for adoption, hopefully giving her a normal life after being abandoned.

Donations can be made in person at the shopping center or by mailing to:

The Shops at Atlas Park - Bobbi & the Strays
71-03 80th Street, Glendale, NY 11385
Memo: Pennies for Penelope Fund
For details, call Phyllis Taiano at (646) 361-0163

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Susan (Bobbi and the Strays Volunteer) said...

Penny's surgery was successful and she was adopted into a loving home.