Thursday, July 9, 2009

Interview with a... Thespian

By Mickey Hornung

This interview is not being done by Christian Slater to a vampire Brad Pitt about his life and struggles with Tom Cruise, but with a local Howard Beach’er transplanted down to Rockaway Beach. Our very own thespian, Thaddeus Schneider who I banter and tell him whenever I meet up “Hey it’s the handsomest man in old Howard beach!”

All joking aside we have a man living the hard life of ups and downs of being an actor. So I ventured into his world asking 20 or so questions into the mind of hoe he sees his art—acting. The following questions and answers from this affable man and his artiest I was able to get him to fit me into his schedule off the set of his 1st action film in NYC.

Q – Where did you get the bug to act?

A- My first taste was a ADIDAS commercial with Brooke Shields in central park. To say I caught the acting Bug was after a scene with Angeline Jolie in the movie “Hells Kitchen” and I gota teacher and casting agent, that’s when I really felt drawn in.

Q- How has your environment affected your art?

A- Being a bartender you pick up a lot of different emotions good and bad and carry on a conversation on with every wanting person that ponies up to the bar.
Q- How do you keep financially afloat when you are in your down periods?

A- Mostly picking up bartending gigs and the residuals from my TV shows.

Q- What is your ultimate goal and what do you want to achieve?

A- Focusing on producing a project, A NYC script and looking for investors.

Q- Is there anyone in the family who is artistic?

A- Yes My cousin April Deveraux who is an actress and model on the west coast.
Q- Your status?

A- Single – father.

Q- Your likes?

A- Surfing and bike riding in Coney Island.

Q- Your Dislikes?

A- Negativity.

Q- Do you have any other artistic outlets?

A- Photography, writing, scripts, and I support
independent films in all forms I can.

Q- Who are your mentors or who do you look up to as actors on and off the silver screen, TV, and on Broadway?

A- It fluctuates from year to year; I would like to work with Clint Eastwood as a Director

Q- I know it is about the art of acting, but what awards have you been up for or won?

A- Best actor in the NY International Film and video festival I was up for Best Supporting role LA international Film and Video Award, I also won Best actor in Hunter College Film Festival.

Q- Where do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

A- Directing and producing.

Q- Are there any people you especially like to work with?

A- Patricia Arquette, Dennis Farina, Angelina Jolie, Jesse Martin, Danielle Sun Jha.

Q- After winning the NY Best Acting Award, where did you go from there? And have you benefited from it?

A- Because of it, I shot a TV pilot called, “Skells” I was also introduces to a large agency in NY which has now gotten me into producing.

Q- Weren’t you involved in NYC parks lifeguarding?

A- Yes I also received the highest award for saving woman while off duty!

Q- Do you have an Agent? And what do they do?

A- I have no agent, its hard in NYC where as in LA they scope you right up.

Q- How long do you give it to make it?

A- It takes 20 years to become a overnight success.

Q- How do you prepare for your roles?

A- It is personal.

So you think it’s that easy becoming an actor or actress, it certainly isn’t. You give up so much of your life for minutes of recognition or payment for your art. So remember the next time out, tip that bartender or waitress a little above because they are probably someone committed to some degree of the arts which e all enjoy, and have enjoyed all though the ages.

See ya around the beach!


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go thadrock go ,thadrock from te sun-Tee

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Let's see you and Deniro team up----Happy Harry

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Great always learn something new about Howard Beach...good luck with your career.

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amazing how many prople come from where we are good luck