Thursday, August 6, 2009

Out of Control Livery Cab Injures Pedestrians at Parade

A livery cab driver lost control of his car and plowed into a street festival at the Ecuadorian Parade on Sunday. More than a dozen people were taken to New York Hospital Queens and Elmhurst Hospital to be treated for back and leg injuries. Two people were burned with grease from food stands and several others got minor burns from chemical that leaked from the crashed car.

The wild scene unfolded when the car plowed through several food booths at the fair on Junction Boulevard and 37th Avenue shortly after 1 P.M. When the car came to rest, a propane tank wedged underneath had to be removed by NYPD Emergency Service Unit.

The Lincoln Town Car tore through three tents along the street, sending charcoal and shish-kebobs flying through the air. A vendor preparing fruit at a juice stand said she saw the car coming and heard screaming. “It was very fast,” she said, “and very scary.”

Police say the 59-year-old driver remained at the scene and will not face charges.

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Ajlouny said...

There is not much information on why the driver lost control of his cab. It's pretty unfortunate that so many were injured in this accident.