Thursday, October 28, 2010

Alert Bus Driver Rescues Wandering Child

A wandering two-year-old child in Ridgewood was rescued from the street when an alert city bus driver picked him up. William Allen, an MTA bus driver for 12 years, was starting his morning shift near 60th Street and Putnam Avenue in Ridgewood Friday when he spotted the child in the street wearing only his underwear.

Allen put the child in his warm bus and called police.

“I mean, I just did what anybody else would do,” Allen told New York 1. “You see a small child on the street like that, anybody’ll jump and take charge of that, for sure.”

Police searched the area and found a house with its door open and a one-year-old child asleep in his crib. There was nobody else in the house.

Neighbors told CBS New York that this is not the first time the children have been left unattended.

Police said the father believed the children’s mother should have been at the house. The search is still continuing for the mother, and the children are in the care of children’s services.

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