Thursday, January 13, 2011

City Slow to Plug Leak

By Eric Yun

Water continues to leak onto the street with a garbage pail situated over it, and business owners are frustrated that the water main break has been left unfixed for over a week.

The water main broke on Grand Avenue near Remsen Place on Thursday when work was being performed on a main on Perry Avenue.

Lou Bekios whose store Grand Florists is next to the leak said he was informed on Wednesday that the water would be shut off for construction work. The independent contractors were unable to shut off the water, and in the process, broke the water valve, Bekios said.

“By Monday morning I figured the work would be done,” he said. “I have tons of gallons falling on my curb. It’s a major inconvenience.”

Bekios has been calling 311 since Friday, but he has yet to get a solid response.

According to a Department of Environmental Protection spokeswoman, water mains around Grand Avenue are being repaired as part of a capital project. They are aware of the leaking valve, and it is scheduled to be fixed by the end of the week or early next week.

“This is a disaster,” said community activist Tony Nunziato. “Queens is forgotten again.”

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