Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cops Fatally Shoot Glendale Man Eight Times

(c) Terrence Jennings
Police officers responding to domestic dispute call in Glendale fatally shot Zachary Bingert after he struck at them with a knife in his mother’s home.

Police said Bingert, 21, attacked the officers when they entered the house, shortly after his mother had called 911 to report her son was threatening her by knifepoint and was possibly suicidal on December 22.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said the three officers involved, all from the 104th Precinct fired eight shots and that Bingert had nine entry and exit wounds.

Kelly explained that Bingert’s mother already had a protective order that restricted the contact her son was allowed with her but let him sleep on the couch because he was living in a car, in the cold.

Paramedics declared Bingert dead when they arrived. Police released photos of the small hunting knife used by Bingert and found two more knives in the home.

Bingert had previously been arrested, on Nov. 11 for assault and on Sept. 20 for menacing. He was also charged with criminal possession of a weapon on Dec. 16.

The NYPD is not releasing information on whether the officers will go before a grand jury or be subjected to other penalties, as an investigation into the use of deadly force is still pending, Kelly told the New York Times.

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