Thursday, December 2, 2010

Auto Vandalism on the Rise: Multiple Tire Slashing in Lindenwood

These four vehicles were vandalized while parked at the Lindenwood Gardens Co-op’s parking lot.
By Patricia Adams

Problems with auto vandalism continue to plague Lindenwood residents, with three more incidents of slashed tires on Tuesday morning.

One resident from the Lindenwood Gardens Cooperative at 155-31 79th Street called 911 on Tuesday morning to report that their front right tire had been slashed. When police from the 106th Precinct arrived to take the complaint, they found that three other cars parked in the small lot also had their tires slashed.
According to police, the resident who reported the original incident stated that they had no idea of who might have slashed the tires.

An upcoming meeting of the newly formed Lindenwood Alliance will address such issues according to the group’s co-founder, Christina Gold. “This is exactly the type of situation we hope to deter by forming the alliance,” Gold says. “We hope not only to get increased police presence in Lindenwood but we are also investigating the possibility of beefing up a neighborhood watch program.”

The first meeting of the Lindenwood Alliance will be held on December 13, at 7:30 p.m. at the Rockwood Park Jewish Center. Anyone interested in membership is urged to attend the meeting.

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