Thursday, December 2, 2010

Women in Coma After Freak Accident

Police investigate the scene after a women is struck by a couch (circled in photo) that fell off the back of a truck that was hit by another vehicle.
Tragedy struck in Lindenwood last week as Howard Beach resident Donna Como and her sister Nancy were on their way to Waldbaum’s around 2:15 on Wednesday afternoon to finish food shopping for Thanksgiving.

According to police an SUV struck an open delivery truck that was loaded with furniture at the intersection on 81st Street between 151st and 153rd avenues. Witnesses at the scene say a black love seat became dislodged during the collision and went sailing through the air with a section of the truck’s tailgate and hit 44-year-old Como in the head.

She was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and according to hospital spokesperson Dr. Andrew Rubin is in the Surgical Intensive Care Unit (SICU) and remains in critical condition.

Como has been a teacher’s assistant at the HeartShare School in Lindenwood for the last eight years. Carol Verdi, Vice-President of Educational Services says the staff is devastated by the freak accident.

“This is very tragic. We are all part of the HeartShare family and so upset by this accident,” said Verdi. “Our prayers are with Donna and her family and we are hoping to hear good news about her recovery.”

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