Thursday, March 12, 2009

The George Ennis Film Festival

It started out as a goof for the three friends George “Grizzily” Ennis, Glen “The Mayor” Kolonics John “Kelleester”” Kelley back in the late 1970’s George Ennis had a friend in the movie business Brad Grey (who went on as producer of the Soparanos and Waynes World) had told these guys that they could be extras in a movie they were making called “Nightmare” (not to be confused with the one on Elm street with the claws of Freddy) a definite low budget “B” movie in the making. The three men obtained the part of three perverted souls squashed together watching one opf those quarter 42nd Street Peep Shows where for as short period you got to watch avery scantily clad woman behind the glass for a minute. Their scene in the movie lasted barely 20 seconds but upon seeing this movie you knew that it was these three guys!

Well when the movie went to open at the now defunct Lefferts Movie Theatre. These guys got wacky and hired a old Cadillac and dressed in some very flamboyant Tuxedoes (dare I say Maroon or Powderblue, remember it was the 1970’s) and came out like they were movie stars coming out to their premire with fans included (mostly friends) But as movie star fans are in awe, we were just laughing our heads off at the spectable they created, unfolding. There were also fliers around with reviews of the movie (which was dragged through the dirt by known movie critics of that era, saying just how bad it was) and with it quotes of friends (fake celebrities) like myself as quoted as saying” after seeing it I cried!” Funny stuff, also there was oscar nominations of Best extras in a Major “B” Movie-yuk yuk somemore and so it gives you a little background of how serious George took his thespian skills, funny guy.

Although George Ennis is a handsome guy (so I’m told by women friends) could have made it with a break serious as the next William Hurt with a full head of hair but it did not deter him from acting, though he played small roles such as a bad cop in Love Like Blood”, however Howard Beach’s other sons Thaddeus Schneider Best Actor(seriously) N.Y. Film Festival 2008 and Walker (my brother) Hornung Best Song in a Movie 2008 N.Y. Film Festival - beating out Willie Nelson way to go Bro George’s other film included Howard Beach’s good detective in “Blind Justice.” He then opted for the stage lights of off Broadway in plays such as (yes) Speed The Plow, Sorry Wrong Number, Other Peoples Money. Glen Gary, Glen Ross, always joking right along about his famous acting career.

Now he has taken in one step further by starting up the short film festival. At the Cabana Restaurant for all budding young and old short film makers, directors producers, actors, started last year it is now growing so that the Cabana Restaurant will hold it again this year on it’s grounds on Sunday April 19th 5 p.m under a tent for all viewers. The independent Geroge Ennis Film Festival and to anyone wishing to be part of this great fun day and have their film included to be viewed in Public can do so by sending a DVD-no longer that 10 mintues maximum to the Cabana Restaurant 1034 West Beach Street, Long Beach, N.Y. 11561 phone number 516-889-1345 Submissions can also be sent via video link to or visit the website georgeennisfestival.

Howard Beach is very proud of one of our native son’s George Ennis. Long Beach is so enamored with the fun and atmosphere generated at this affair that my cousin, Councilwoman Denise Dowd Ford has proclaimed Sunday, April 19th, 2009 George Ennis Film Festival Day in Long Beach. Good show goes out to George and his staff which I’ll acknowledge in my future column after this event, which I will attend as “Press” for the evening and let you all know about it in my next feature column and to everyone else

See ya around the beach!

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