Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gunpoint Robberies in Ozone Park


By Patricia Adams

Two armed robberies occurred within the confines of the 106 precinct within a twenty-four-hour period last week. On Thursday night just before midnight police officers Santoro and Yang responded to a call reporting a commercial gunpoint robbery at 115-07 Lefferts Boulevard.

Cashier Lloid Singh who works at the Jassi convenience store told police that three black men, all dressed in black and wearing black ski masks entered the store and demanded money. Singh told police that one of the perpetrators jumped over the counter brandishing a black firearm screaming at him “Where’s the money?” A second perp told Singh to “raise your hands,” and “don’t do anything stupid,” while standing at the door with the third bandit, acting as lookouts.

The third man urged his two accomplices to get out according to Singh. “Let’s go. Let’s go,” he said repeatedly. The man who had jumped over the counter went through the cash register and the lotto receipts, taking about $1,000 and also snatched a gold chain Singh was wearing on his neck and took the cashier’s cell phone from the counter.

All three men then left the store, fleeing on foot toward 115th Avenue. Singh informed police that there was a surveillance system installed at an adjoining apartment building. Police were able to confirm all of the events described by Singh after viewing the video. There is additional video surveillance evidence from another location.

Police initiated a level-one mobilization with available units canvassing all commercial establishments along Lefferts Boulevard from Rockaway Boulevard to Liberty Avenue.

On Friday evening at about 9:30 p.m. 106 police responded to another 10-30 at Marshall’s department store at 92-10 Rockaway Boulevard.

Store manager Derrick Thorn met police at the store and informed them that two male Hispanics, one approximately 5’4, 18-20 years of age wearing a black jacket and black mask had entered the store. With a silver handgun held up over his head the man stated, “Don’t move, this is a stick-up.”

A second robber, described as 5’7”, 17-18-years-old, wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and brown ski mask went over to a store register and demanded that the cashier open it. He removed about $765 from the drawer, placing it in a black North Face backpack before both men fled the store.

Descriptions of both suspects were broadcast immediately and police conducted a canvass of the surrounding business community and train stations along Liberty Avenue with negative results. Police say that the location is also equipped with video camera surveillance.

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