Thursday, March 12, 2009

Residents Upset Over Sudden Parking Ban

Until five months ago, the residents living on Claran Court – a dead end street with fourteen houses – were allowed to park their cars on their block without receiving $110 parking violations from the Department of Transportation (DOT). Some residents have lived on Claran Court for as long as fifty years and have never experienced any parking issues or restrictions before.

Two weeks ago, the DOT imposed ‘No Standing’ signs in front of their homes, taking away the desperately needed parking spaces for the residents.

“Without warning or explanation from the DOT, the tenants of Claran Court started receiving expensive parking violations for parking on their block,” said Council Member Elizabeth Crowley. “With the ‘No Standing’ signs and no alternative parking in the area, where are the tenants of Claran Court supposed to park? I am taking all necessary steps to investigate this matter and I have been working with the DOT Borough Commissioner, Maura McCarthy, to find an adequate solution for the residents of Claran Court.”

Despite the homeowner’s complaints to the Parking Agent officials, they have been ignored. Glenn Wagner, a resident of Claran Court since 1999 says “We just want our parking back.”

A DOT spokesman is looking into the situation but was unable to respond by deadline this week.

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