Thursday, June 11, 2009

Achieving Success on Opening Day

The Achievers of America program for Softball had its opening day on May 16, and it was a success, with about 70 proud Achievers dressed in uniforms and everyone getting up to bat, all going around the bases and getting a high five at home plate. It’s a dream come true for these special players, even if they are in a wheel chair, everyone plays, and gets a high five, they are part of the team. They play a practice game first, then play three strikes and you’re out, and they love it.

Refreshments such as pizza, bagels, bananas, apples, cookies, drinks, soda, water and more are put out for the players to enjoy each week. It was great time. Come to the field and have some fun. The Achievers of America program for special needs individuals with developmental disabilities. Giving everyone a chance to participate, helping to improve the quality of life of these individuals. They learn, socialize, gain self esteem and have fun! This is what it’s all about! Games played every Saturday 1 pm to 4 pm at: Kissena Corridor Park on Main Street and Elder Ave. across from the Botanical gardens in Flushing Queens, New York For more information, Steve Biondo 718-565-1141, Head Coach Randy Novick 917-355-0651 Sara Di Gennaro 718-738-9344 or visit

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