Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tour of Potential Dog Run Sites Planned

Two New Locations in JVP on Table

By Conor Greene

A tour of potential locations for a dog run in Juniper Valley Park is planned for Saturday, as the community attempts to come to an agreement on an appropriate place for a permanent, fenced in area for canines to exercise and socialize.

Members of the Juniper Valley Park Dog Association have pushed for a dog run within the area of the park near the baseball fields already used during off-leash hours, but the proposal has been met with opposition from some neighbors and park goers. Instead, two other areas of the park – behind the roller hockey rink’s bleachers and a spot near 80th Street will be investigated on Saturday, according to Kathy Masi of Community Board 5.

A third potential location – land adjacent to the CSX railroad tracks along 57th Road near 78th Street – was suggested by Councilwoman Elizabeth Crowley. While officials might look into it in the future, there are concerns that the area isn’t appropriate due to its proximity to homes and lack of parking, according to Robert Holden, president of the Juniper Park Civic Association.

Masi also sought to end rumors that space at Atlas Park in Glendale is being considered. Speculation began when Atlas Park was mentioned in an e-mail sent out by the board about the upcoming tour, but Masi said that was only mentioned when she raised the possibility of having a park in Glendale to the dog association members and is currently “not on the table.”

The issue has been a hot-button topic since the dog association first presented the plan to the community board more than a year ago, with some residents arguing that the current area used during off-leash hours (which would be eliminated if a dog run is built) is not appropriate because of its location in the middle of the park and due to damage dog urine has caused to nearby trees and plants.

Residents wanting to take part in Saturday’s investigation of the two new potential sites in Juniper Valley Park should meet at noon in front of Crowley’s office at 64-77 Dry Harbor Road. While Crowley is not attending the session, according to her press secretary, she vowed at last week’s CB 5 meeting to fund the project if an appropriate location is agreed upon. A Parks Department official is expected to attend the tour, according to Masi.

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Debbie M. said...

I saw your article in the newspaper and I am very upset that dog owners in Juniper Park think they have the right to take over the park. Their dogs are destroying the beauty of the park not to mention harassing people strolling by to enjoy a sunny morning. While walking with my young son we have been approached 3 times by charging dogs that jump on us. My son is very afraid of these dogs and I must now avoid the area completely because the dog owners are worse than the dogs! One dog owner laughed when my son cried when the dog jumped on him and another woman yelled at me for walking my son in the area. What is going on? I never see a police officer around to ticket these uncaring owners.