Thursday, January 14, 2010

Residents Warned to be Alert Following Burglaries

Following a rash of residential burglaries over the past month, Assemblyman Mike Miller is urging residents to take steps to ensure their homes aren’t easy targets for criminals.

Miller (D-Woodhaven) is reminding his constituents to take simple but important precautions such as leaving a light on when you’re not home, having your key ready as you approach your door, covering and locking windows and using a chain bolt when opening the door to strangers. While on vacation, residents should set automatic light timers and have mail and deliveries stopped.

“These tips are essential to protect you and your family,” said Miller. “By staying alert and implementing these simple suggestions, we can work together to make our community safer.”

The reminder comes after a number of home invasions were reported in December within the confines of the 106th Precinct, specifically in Ozone Park, South Ozone Park and South Richmond Hill. Officers of the Community Affairs Units of the 104th Precinct and 102nd Precinct, parts of which are within Miller’s district, say their areas have not seen a similar spike in homes invasions over the past month.

Among the reported burglaries were five incidents in the area stretching from Aqueduct Race Track to 130th Street and from Rockaway Boulevard to the North Conduit. In one case, a 123rd Street homeowner awoke to find two burglars inside his house. One fled the scene, but the other was arrested after the homeowner confronted him.

Later last month, it was reported that police have arrested nine individuals in connection with the burglaries. Arrests were made throughout the neighborhoods that were hit hardest by the burglaries.

Residents can have a crime prevention survey of their home conducted for free by contacting the precinct at (718) 845-2223.

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