Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ulrich, Fellow Republicans Sworn in by Bloomberg

Republicans Hold Most Council Seats in Decade

By Patricia Adams

City Council member Eric Ulrich was among 5 Republican minority caucus members sworn in by Mayor Bloomberg last Wednesday. Following the ceremony, Minority Leader James Oddo, Council members Eric Ulrich and Vincent Ignizio and Councilmen-elect Dan Halloran and Peter Koo took an oath of office presided over by the office of the city clerk.

The “GOP five” asked Bloomberg to preside over the swearing in and the mayor accepted, congratulating the Republicans on their historic membership increase—two more Republicans were elected to the council than last term; the council now has more Republican members than it has had over the past ten years.

"I would be shocked if you guys didn't make an enormous contribution," Bloomberg said at the ceremony. “We’re going to work together. Not as Republicans, not as Independents, not as Democrats, but as New Yorkers.”

Councilmember Ulrich said he was looking forward to working closely with his Republican colleagues and the rest of the council in the upcoming term. “I am honored to have been given the opportunity to serve my community,” Ulrich said. “I think with the increased minority presence in the council we will have great success in advancing common sense legislation and policies and help the council strive for more bipartisan leadership.”

The entire city council was officially sworn in on January 6.

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