Thursday, September 9, 2010

Illegal Trash Dumping Plagues Glenridge Mews

By Eric Yun

Residents of Glenridge Mews are exasperated with trash constantly being dumped on the road adjacent to the development. The majority of the problem occurs under the elevated tracks on Cypress Hills Street and along nearby blocks of 64th Street and Otto Road.

Ken Daniels, President of the Board of the Glenridge Mews Condos, says at times, the trash dumped on the street is the “most disgusting thing you ever saw.” The trash is rarely cleaned, Daniels complained, and is impacting the quality of life of residents in the development, which is on 71st Avenue near Fresh Pond Road.

Daniels makes sure that private property within the development remains clean and clear, and is frustrated that the city isn’t doing its part to maintaining public areas. “I have people sweeping every day,” he said. But once his property ends, it’s common practice to see trash bags strewn across the street.

Daniels has seen everything from kitchen sinks to severed chicken heads and thinks many people are contributing to the growing problem.

Businesses that do not want to go through proper trash regulations, residents who might have missed their scheduled pick up day or are living in illegally divided homes and homeless people scouring bags of trash were all reasons Daniels guessed the problem exists.

Gary Giordano, District Manager of Community Board 5, called the practice “disrespectful” and showed a “lack of respect” for the city and community.

“Dumping is certainly a problem,” Giordano said, adding they have informed the city Sanitation Department about popular dumping locations. Giordano also noted the Sanitation Department will usually clean up areas if they are notified. He hopes that Sanitation Enforcement officers can perform more undercover stakeouts in the future to catch those that are illegally dumping.

Still, Daniels wishes more could be done. His residents complain constantly about the issue, and he no longer walks his dog along 64th Street because of the smell and fear of homeless people.

The Sanitation Department has a strict illegal dumping policy. Vehicles used to illegally dump trash are impounded and fines can range from $1,500 to $20,000. They also reward tips for information related to illegal dumping that leads to a fine. More information about these programs can be found on Concerned citizens can also call 311 to report illegal dumping.

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