Monday, August 16, 2010

Not Just Another Pretty Face: Pageant to Name Miss Queens

Move over American Miss—Howard Beach is entering the world of the Beauty Pageant.

In an interview with The Forum, Howard Beach residents Frances Scarantino and Victoria Pellegrino unveiled their re- cently trademarked plans to introduce the Miss Howard Beach Pageant, as the official preliminary to the Miss Queens Pageant.

Both women are venturing out together to combine their experience in working with kids in another dimension. Scarantino is the founder of S.T.A.R.S Youth Group and Reach for the S.T.A.R.S. Day Care, both of Howard Beach, while Pellegrino brings her experience as a talent agent and casting coordinator for major motion pictures to the mix.

According to the business partners, although Miss Howard Beach is a beauty pageant, it is not set up to adhere strictly to the traditional framework of a pageant. “We are looking for overall beauty. The beauty within, not just physical beauty,” says Scarantino. “We are looking for a young lady who is well-rounded, poised and who can act as a role model in the community.”

The mission statement prepared for the application packet sums up the true vision of the project: We believe that pageants are founded on the principles that the future of our world is dependent upon the leadership qualities of today’s women. We further believe that in order to be a strong leader, a woman must be a well-rounded individual. She must challenge herself, she must be poised, and she must be comfortable with herself in respect to her learned and natural talents. She must possess a strong desire to effect a change in her world, and to set and example for others to do the same. In the spirit of competition, she must be gracious. With this in mind, we provide the forum for women to challenge themselves to be their best—and we reward them for their efforts.

As a past beauty pageant winner, Pellegrino brings much insight to the competition. “It isn’t all about the most beautiful girl who walks through the door. It’s about so much more than that. It’s about someone with carriage and confidence and the willingness to use her title to go out and make a difference. If you want to be Miss Howard Beach,” Pellegrino says, “you can check your glitz at the door.”

The Miss Howard Beach Pageant is tentatively scheduled for a date in November and will serve as a preliminary contest leading up to the Miss Queens Pageant, which is slated for the end of 2011.

The plan of organizers is to follow-up the Howard Beach contest with an entire series of pageants that will take place throughout the borough, all leading up to the Miss Queens Pageant.
For the Howard Beach contest, entrants must be between the ages of 14-21 years old, and live, work or attend school in Howard Beach. There are two competition categories, Miss Teen Howard Beach, ages 14-17 and Miss Howard Beach, ages 18-21. Several prizes will be awarded in various categories including Miss Personality, Most Photogenic, Audience Favorite and Spokes Model. The value of the prizes is over $3,500. Winners in each age category will be given the opportunity to compete in the Miss Queens Pageant

Final dates have not yet been established, however the application for contract deadline in October 15th. Anyone wishing to get more information can contact the Pageant Directors at 718.845.6956.

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