Friday, November 26, 2010

Quality of Life Concerns in Lindenwood

A rise in auto theft and vandalism are just two of many quality of life issues prompting the formation of the new Lindenwood Alliance.

Residents to Form Alliance with NYPD, Local Elected Officials

By Patricia Adams

Concern over the recent spike in thefts and vandalism throughout Lindenwood has prompted some residents to take steps to safeguard their community.

In an effort to organize a coordinated effort among NYPD, community residents and local elected officials to address quality of life and crime issues, organizers will hold their first meeting on December 13.

“Over the last year, things have gotten out of hand in Lindenwood,” explains Christina Gold, a Lindenwood resident who has serious concerns about the rash of crime within the community. Gold says there are large numbers of groups of preteens and teens from outside the area who have repeatedly travelled through Lindenwood causing havoc and leaving damage in their wake.

Gold says she has personally witnessed the destructive actions and the repeated vandalism attempts. “I have seen them go after the people who return their bottles to the supermarket on more than one occasion and I have witnessed them trying to set off house alarms by disrupting sprinkler systems.”

But she says what really set her off is the bottle that came crashing over her backyard fence at a birthday party. “It was a little after 9 p.m. We were having a family party. The shattered glass hit several guests at the party and the bottle landed just inches from where a sleeping child lay in her carriage. “It’s just ridiculous that we have to live in fear in our own backyard,” says Gold. “It’s time we all get together and do what we have to in order to stay safe.”

And the mother of three contends she and her husband are not alone in their concerns for their family, as is evidenced by the number of supporters lining up to join what is to be known as the Lindenwood Alliance.

Lindenwood residents and activists will join Gold in the formation of the Alliance, including lifelong Howard Beach resident Joann Ariola. “I believe the concept of forming an alliance within the community is something that will serve Lindenwood residents very well,” said Ariola. “It’s a novel approach to include the three key groups that will interact to address quality of life issues as opposed to forming a routine civic organization.” Ariola says she and many other residents are prepared to help in setting up the Alliance.

Gold says she has already been developing two key relationships, one with Councilmember Eric Ulrich (R-Ozone Park) and with the new Commanding Officer at the 106th Precinct, Capt. Thomas Pascale. “I feel that both the councilman and the precinct are going to cooperate with our group and really try to help us get things done.”

Anyone interested in finding out more about the Alliance is urged to attend the first meeting which will be held at the Rockwood Park Jewish Center on December 13th at 7:30 P.M.

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