Thursday, July 29, 2010

Medical Facility Opens At JFK Airport

General Manager of JFK Airport Gerry Spomponato cuts the ribbon at JFK Advanced Medical as Assemblyman William Scarborough (left) and Dr. Raymond Kayume and Dr. David Rosenthal (right) look on.

By Eric Yun

JFK Advanced Medical held a grand opening ceremony for a new 4,800 square-foot facility at John F. Kennedy Airport. The ribbon cutting celebrated the opening of the facility, which occurred several weeks ago, and commemorated JFK Advanced Medical’s new part- nership with the MediSys Health Network, which in- cludes Jamaica and Flushing Hospitals.

At the ceremony, Dr. David Rosenthal, Practice Manager of JFK Advanced Medical, thanked the community and airport staff for supporting the facility. He also thanked his employees for “making [the center] run like its been running for 15 years.”

Michael Hinck, associate director of Jamaica Hospital, said he is happy with the partnership. “We're very happy to support them, and we'll help provide what- ever services they can't.”

There aren't many things JFK Advanced Medical can’t handle. It comes equipped with an emergency room and seven examination rooms. The medical equipment includes digital X-ray machines, electrocardiogram (EKG) machines and other devices.

The two practice managers, Dr. Rosenthal and Dr. Raymond Kayume, have years of medical experience at JFK Airport. Both worked with the previous medical center at JFK, which was affiliated with St. Vincent's and St. John's Hospital.

Located at the airport, the majority of the services offered will help the employees of JFK. Physicals and drug and alcohol testing is offered. The center also boasts physical therapy and rehabilitation services for injured workers.

Travelers will also find uses for JFK Advanced Medical. With JFK Airport being a major hub of international travel, a wide variety of travel immunization and medicine services are of- fered. Immigration physicals are also given at the facility.

With medical facilities closing because of the current economic climate, the doctors are thrilled they were able to open a center that can help a large amount of people each day.

“I'm happy we can help not only the airport but the surrounding community as well,” Dr. Kayume said. “We rightfully should be in the airport.”

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