Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seminerio's Former Office Broken Into

The new assembly member in the 38th district will start their new post without the benefit of office equipment. That after a representative of the New York State Assembly discovered a break in at what used to be the office of former Assemblyman Tony Seminerio.

Last Thursday around 10 a.m., the state administrative assistant went to the office to get it ready for Seminerio’s replacement and found the door kicked in at the government-owned office on Jamaica Ave and 107th Street. Thieves had forcibly entered the premises and ransacked the office. Police say all the office equipment was stolen including a copier, printer, air conditioner, computer equipment an air purifier.

Seminerio is awaiting sentencing in October after having pled guilty to
charges that he took bribes and used his elected office to perform favors on the
state level for those who paid him bogus consulting fees. Seminerio served 15
terms on the New York State Assembly and faces up to 14 years at his sentencing.

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