Thursday, March 19, 2009

This Week's Forum South and West

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Anonymous said...

This is in response to Mr. Joseph Aranha, South Ozone Park (Answering Back).

After reading both Mr. Parrinello's heartfelt letter and Mr. Aranha's bitter diatribe against our great country, it quite simply solidifies the Far Left Lunacy that exists in this country -- which is being fueled by an inept President. You might say; the second coming of JIMMY CARTER is here (and we all know how that worked out). Your Enchanted Mr. Obama has out-spent President Bush 4-fold and left our children and grand-children in a hole we may never crawl-out-of. You Wake-up Mr. Aranha, President Bush is no longer in office, therefore, you will have to place the blame of this forthcoming foreign disaster at the feet of the Messiah....Mr.Obama. And perhaps you dislike my spelling and grammar -- that is okay, because I still have a right to my opinion, unlike the people living in Cuba. Again, Kudos to Mr. Parrinello's piece, it was excellent and your's was chilling.

Lifetime Voter